In March 2020, we were asked to manufacture  Relocatable CT Pods with large double doors, so that patient beds could be easily wheeled in, and we obliged by creating the first Pod within 4 weeks.

The latest Covid Specific CT  Pod, equipped with a GE CT scanner, has recently been delivered to a medical centre in Italy. After a 4-day, 2,000 mile journey, the Pod was lowered by crane into the space provided and plugged into the hospital's electrical supply and digital network ready to start scanning Covid patients.

We have also shipped several Mammography Pods and there are more CT and Mammography Pods starting production very shortly for distribution throughout Europe.

Other Pods are available, including "mobile wards", that can be scaled to provide the number of beds needed, "mobile Cath Labs" and any other mobile facility a hospital may require. The pods can be modular so that additional space can be achieved by simply adding further pods. We are selling and renting these pods, and each one can be built to a customer's specification.

Contact us if you have a requirement for a high quality relocatable building, otherwise called a "Pod".

Well done to all of the Probo Team for your involvement in this project, building and delivering the Relocatable CT Pod! And, a big thankyou to the NHS and other healthcare  staff who have continued working so hard throughout these challenging times.

One of our relocatables on its way to italy