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Probo Medical offers IRadimed MRI pumps and Monitors for sale.

MRI Monitoring

Slim, lightweight, with enough battery life to go the distance, this ‘point of care’ monitor has been meticulously engineered to meet the needs of today’s complex MRI workflow.
From bedside through transport, the 3880 non-magnetic vital signs monitor is mountable anywhere: wall, roll-stand, bed rail, or anaesthesia cart and can quickly be detached for immediate mobility.IRadimed 3880 provides MRI safety and full functionality in a compact, non-magnetic package.

MRI Pump

The MRidium® 3860+ MRI IV Infusion System meets the demanding clinical needs of today’s patients, by allowing continuous delivery of fluids and medication throughout the MRI care cycle.The non-magnetic design allows the MRidium® infusion pump to operate safely in ultra high magnetic fields without the need for workarounds typically required with traditional infusion pumps.View the Iradimed 3880 demo video here

photo of Iradimed portable MRI monitor
Iradimed Mridium IV Pump